Golden Animals, Live@Chessvolt 9/11/08

by Landry on September 23, 2008

Golden Animals – Try On Me – Live@Chessvolt Studios from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Golden Animals – Queen Mary – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Golden Animals are amazing. They wheedled their way into my heart and my listening ears like a virus that keeps giving.

Let them not be mistaken for any other – Golden Animals are a species unto themselves. Still, you’ll hear strong musical influence from the Beatles (Big Red Rose) to Jim Morrison to B52s (Love Tap) to even John Lee Hooker (Queen Mary).

golden-animals_04_luxury-wafersTheir mystique is no put-on. Gentle creatures with heightened sensitivity, they’ve been dwelling in the desert, communing with the nature gods and each other, digging deep down in a musical groove we mortals are fortunate to catch.

They sparkle like a canopy of stars, faces alight with  glitter paint, adorned with gold-threaded garments.

Transcendent yet earthy at once, the offerings of Golden Animals are infectiously good on all levels.

Sample all the little critters – each song has it’s own auric glow….. ambrosial delights.

Ride Easy will undoubtedly embed itself into the fibers of your hide.

Listen (option/click to download):

Big Red Rose

Call My Name

Love Tap

Ride Easy

The Steady Roller

Don’t miss…You must go see them live.

Golden Animals Myspace

Catch them at the Clean Air Clear Stars Festival October 12th in Joshua Tree!

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    cool September 27, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    reminds me of Hamburg sound 66′ real nice-

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