Olin & The Moon – Live@Chessvolt Studios 7/17/08

by Landry on September 20, 2008

olin-and-the-moon_04_luxury-wafersOne night before the ‘full’ was official, we paused for a moment in the parking lot at Chessvolt Studios, in between set-up and the live session, to take in the huge yellow moon on the horizon. David and the other Idahoans (except Kyle, the token SoCal guy) who make up Olin & The Moon agreed it was the sign of a good night ahead. I can’t imagine more favorable foreshadowing. The band laid down 5 solid tracks, warm and plump with heartfelt lyrics and pining pedal steel. The entire performance was drenched in endearing unselfconscious authenticity. If it weren’t for the ongoing casual banter borne of the easy rapport between longtime friends (“hey, remember the foreign exchange student? he wrote this song about her!”), I may have had to climb under the covers with a box of tissues and some advil that night, so poignant were the songs.

Their sound has been dubbed “country-tinged indie rock” with references to Neil Young and Elliot Smith. Just listen. Olin & The Moon has their own special thing going on. We have a feeling you’ll agree.

Olin & The Moon – Castle Rock – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the live tracks(option-click to download):
Call Me Up
No Traffic No Trees
Ship On The Sea
Castle Rock
Song of Summer

Olin & The Moon

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