Renee & Jeremy, Live@Chessvolt 7/31/08

by Landry on September 20, 2008

Mellifluous tunes with valerian undertones ooze naturally from the ‘songcatching’ team, Renee and Jeremy. They are a vibrant and complimentary pair, like salt & pepper or bacardi & ice: Renee supplies the smooth, Jeremy adds the energetic and together they bring the fun, in a comfy, feel-good way.

Renee’s voice is velvety melted chocolate you wouldn’t mind having smeared all over your skin. Jeremy is the foundational sunshine, playing guitar and offering vocals from a whisper trenee-jeremy_02_luxury-waferso an occasional lead. Together, they are a bomb of enveloping warm enthusiasm, delivering uplifting messages in a lullaby format. Their songs simply put forth a raw, compassionate truth applicable to ‘kids of all ages,’ as they say.
According to the number of years I’ve been around, I’m technically a grown-up. I must admit I relate to the songs of Renee & Jeremy. They possess an addictive, narcotic quality, in a healthy kind of way. Not only have I been humming the tune and singing the lyrics to ‘Share’ since Renee & Jeremy graced us at Chessvolt, but I also know I keep returning to them for their piercing accuracy. They sneakily unclothe hidden layers of univeral feelings with their mesmerizing tunes. And then there’s the whole vibe. Renee’s maternal magnetism grabs at you. After their set, I could hardly resist the urge to settle into her lap for a snuggle and some applesauce. Our seven year-old daughter, captivated from the beginning, insisted we open their CD, it’s a big world, and listen right away.

Recording notes: Simple and sweet. For Jeremy’s Gibson acoustic, we used a KM88. For his vocals, the Shure SM7 was his preference. On Renee, we used the Neumann U87.

Listen here (option/click to download):
Night Mantra
Is It Really Any Wonder?
We Are One

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