The Bowmans, Live@Chessvolt 7/31/08

by Landry on September 20, 2008

bowmans_02_luxury-wafersThese adorable girls are sweet as sunshine and mind-bogglingly talented. Don’t let their innocuous laughter or their air of innocence fool you: The Bowmans, who have shared a rhythm since conception, are dead-on. Creating a rich sound adventure as though from a bygone era, the pair is not afraid to linger on a note or in a mood. They’ll lull you into the eye of their hurricane and then surprise attack.  Claire, the spokesperson for The Bowmans out in the world, handles business for the largely DIY pair. On stage, she plays tambourines, egg shaker, violin, and sings background vocals that are so locked in they are, at times, nearly inseperable from Sarah’s mighty lead. A powerful dynamo onstage, Sarah is the songwriter, guitar player and lead vocalist. She is a stunningly strong singer and a dramatic composer who employs striking changes and a wide range of mood, sound, and time. The Bowmans are linked by a force stronger than static cling or dog hair on a black sweater. Although they swear they have no ‘psychic twin’ thing going on, it’s apparent they have grown together since before birth. They are impeccable in timing from beginning to end. In fact, the most apt description I can find for their performance is perfection.

Not surprisingly, there’s a buzz around them. Fiona Apple recently covered one of their songs. LA has embraced the duo during their short stay here. Stay tuned for more of them. And say ‘hi’ when you have the pleasure of encountering them somewhere in this wide world.
100% authentic, The Bowmans are as modest and friendly as they are talented.
The Bowmans – Make It Last – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to their Live@Chessvolt tracks (option/click to download):
The Kitchen Song
You’re Right
Digging For Gold
On The Road
Far From Home

The album, Far From Home

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