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by Landry on November 4, 2008

Pistol For Ringo – Love is Like Water – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Today is Election Day, the perfect day for us to share Pistol For Ringo with you. This newer band, comprised of seasoned musicians and sophisticated songwriters, is right up our alley for more than one reason: not only are they sonically enjoyable, painting thought provoking, flowing soundscapes in today’s style of popular indie rock music, but they’re also passionate activists on the blue side of the fence. Plus, they are really nice individuals who enthusiastically love life, music and good company.

Love is Like Water flows conversationally, “funny thing is…”. Ben Arnold’s velvety-hoarse voice seductively pours out words like “torched your soul, ransacked your dreams”, suggesting “love is like water, love runs away”. The combination of skillful, sensitive players and masterful composition both musically and lyrically makes for a really great song that draws you in deeper, juxtaposing unsunny ideas with a warm, comfortable lull.

LA, which starts with the hook right out of the gate, lyrically nails the banal predicament of so many characters in this city, rolling off with curiously sweet yet disappointed acceptance lines like, “remember how you said in a month you’d get straight”,”you’ve got some dirt in your nails, had some freaks in your bed…. that’s just how it is, that’s how LA is…”. The accent of yearning, nearly atonal guitar riffs is especially poignant here.

Priceless is a song of dark attraction that starts off, “some things are better left broken…”. It winds into a strong viral chorus and closes in perfect hangtime.

pistol-for-ringo_06_luxury-wafersPistol For Ringo is clearly a team effort. Their goodness stems from sheer talent, appropriate effort and cooperation, no bells or whistles required.

While the band cites LA as homebase, the multitalented group is spread between Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Philly. Brian Murphy, ringleader, guitarist and songwriter hails from Honolulu; Shane Smith on bass is also an LA engineer; Ben Arnold, lead singer and guitar player here (he seems to play every instrument) calls Philadelphia home; Matty Muir, steady ace drummer is also a Philadelphia engineer; and Steve Arm, guitar, resides in LA.

Incidentally, if you look up Pistol 4 Ringo online, you’ll find, in addition to the band, one man with wits of steel who outmatches a pack of outlaws – none other than the famed angel-faced mercenary of the west, Ringo. The Spaghetti Western stars Ben, the local sheriff, portrayed by George Martin (of Spanish descent). Wicked coincidences?

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American Needs



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