The Boxing Lesson, Live@Chessvolt Studios

by Landry on November 22, 2008

boxing-lesson_07_luxury-wafersAustin, Texas threesome, The Boxing Lesson, exuberantly rocks their space nectar with super high energy, quilts of warm lusciousness and loads of fun. Paul writes, plays guitar and sings; Jaylinn sings haunting backups and presides over a tower of keys with all-encompassing properties such as sirens and bass; and Kevin co-drives a solid rhythm with panache on drums. Creating a soundscape with similarities to The Cure and a vibe like Jefferson Airplane, The Boxing Lesson is fully space-a-delic and of peculiar originality. Kinda like Pink Floyd and Stereolab in a blender.

The day they joined us in the studio, The Boxing Lesson crew was totally wired with elation. Their cohesive dynamic (they are glued together…apparently psychically connected) rings out brightly in the recordings. They utterly abandoned themselves to their performance, giving way to a glistening spectrum of enjoyable grooves.

You will gyre and gimble when you hear the siren in Freedom paired with Paul’s luscious drippy vocals and the tapestry of sound experience. Watch ’till the very end and you’ll get a glimpse of the special treasure of their enthusiasm.

The Boxing Lesson – Freedom – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Classically trained and of unstoppable intellect, Jaylinn channels her insatiable hunger for engaging in all things life into the band, a house full of kitties – on enough land for everybody – and designing and silkscreening the band’s tshirts. She is an endless reservoir of dynamic being. On the Moog, she conjures Brian Eno at times, endless with possibility.

Paul’s pretty much got permagrin (see above photo). This is genuine. He smiles with his whole body. There’s a definite Ween influence in his voice and the tone of his guitar.

Kevin is steady, amicable and potent. He goes with and creates a flow, and he delivers reliably.

These are the people you want to invite over to your house for a physical game of Scrabble.

Engaged to the max on all levels, they exude effervescent joy. They are blissed. The Boxing Lesson’s music is intense, layered and dark with sparkles like a rich chocolate frenzy loaded with espresso beans crisp from the deep-freeze.

Lower emits seven minutes of accessible, velvety groove, palpably grounded with mellow smooth lyrics. It’s a fabric of multi-layered Moog synthesizer effects, expert guitar and drums, carefully crafted and beautifully executed. In this live version Kevin on drums really provides a heartbeat while their vocals are at once present and sensitive.

Brighter is campy and dramatic, a fun uptempo song that leans ’80s and somehow conjures Ric Ocasek on speed doing the tango with a zombie.

The Art of Pushing Me Away is a mellow trip that feels like the aftermath of a good helpless cry. It’s plump and grounded with lots of open space.

Wild Streaks and Windy Days is a yummy tripped out lullaby.

When you visit their Myspace page, buy a t-shirt as a good luck charm and check out their cover of White Rabbit. It’s right up their alley. Feed your head!

Listen to the tracks (option/click to download):



The Art of Pushing Me Away

Wild Streaks and Windy Days


The Boxing Lesson Myspace

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