All-Day Luxury, Live@The Hangar Studios in Sacramento

by Landry on December 8, 2008

Today was loaded. All day at The Hangar Recording Studios, a site that is rapidly becoming one of our favorite studios for easy-going, big-room, top-quality recording.

Owner John Baccigaluppi, also publisher of Tape-Op Magazine, is Einstein-meets-Carl Lewis (minus the controlled stimulants) in his enormous capacity to smoothly and effectively run a full day’s live recording of 6 different bands in numerous scattered locations throughout his gymnasium-sized room….without a hitch.

John and veteran Hangar ‘knob-twister’ (as his friends affectionately dubbed him), Robert Cheek, engineered the sessions with finesse. The Luxury Wafers team produced, photographed, filmed and assisted. The bands, diversely representing the fine Sacto music scene, offered exceptional one-shot performances and wonderful company. Beer and pizza, Santitas tortilla chips and bean dip (courtesy of Two Sheds – thanks John and Caitlin!), and the high of making and being immersed in great music held the crew over until late at night.

Phenomenal fun.

Stay tuned for rich tracks and cool video from Two Sheds, Cowboy Killers, Hearts and Horses, Silver Darling, Sea of Bees, Bag of Kittens (Allyson Seconds) and an amazingly energetic UK-bound Anton Barbeau.

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