New Video From Mother Mother Live@Chessvolt

by Landry on December 6, 2008

Vancouver, BC, band Mother Mother recently came into the studio for a live session. Ending a tour of biblical proportions, they visited us on the 40th day when home was sounding mighty good.

Despite copious vodka consumed by some the night before, spirits were high. Their gigs across the US had turned out better than they expected and they were pleased to be welcomed by friendly crowds at every stop.

The group of 5 super-strong musicians combines tight arrangements with cool vocals to create a bungee groove bordering on B-52.

Here’s their live version of Hayloft. It churns out a rhythmic explosion of rapid narration,”…young lovers with their legs tied up in knots…”, backed by a feverish frenzy of unchecked passion.

Mother Mother – Hayloft – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

more session photos

Link to their Session with more video and mp3s to listen to/download…

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