The Seabellies, Live@Chessvolt Studios

by Landry on December 12, 2008

seabellies_09_luxury-wafersOn the heels of a 12-day US spree, The Seabellies from Australia joined us with spunk at Chessvolt Studios. As soon as the band of 6 (plus one lucky manager) descended on the tracking room, it was the explosion I imagined their lodging to be in a hotel – like overflowing suitcases dumping loads of laundry about, piles of gear spewed from unzipped black bags all across the middle of the room. Despite one road-worn casualty, The Seabellies and their manager, Troy, enthusiastically embraced the live, in-studio performance, heartily digging into each song with flare. These guys (and one girl) all play at least more than one instrument (check out the clever drop-down menu from their myspace page). The band is:







The Seabellies surprised us by jumping around and switching instruments mid-song on more than one occasion – guitar/keys/trumpet swapping as well as lead singer, guitar to drummer and drummer to trumpet trade. The result of The Seabellies’ jolly menagerie is a delightfully merry, spaced out, undersea-sounding, comfortable blast. Their tunes, with melty guy vocals, heavenly harmonies and ambrosial guitar doodles twinkle over rhythmic, multifaceted canvases. Just enough recognizable lyrics lead the listener to a playful splash in a refreshingly crisp musical pool.

The Seabellies – Prairie – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

We’re sorry we missed The Seabellies out live, because they are a bucket of fun, even as they divulged the proportion of consumption that led them to “vomit” the night before!

Out of the studio, the crew headed right to the airport, where they hopped a plane with all of their gear (lots of it), returning home in time to step immediately back on stage. I guess there’s no rest for weary Seabellies, even down under.

Listen (option/click to download):

Dreams Ending

Feel It Leave

Heart Heart Heart Out

Orange X

Paper Flames

One More Dreamy Seabellies Track Here

Seabellies Myspace

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