The Seabellies Teaser – a track from their Live Session @Chessvolt Studios

by Landry on December 2, 2008

Aussie tunes, the indie way. Or is that indie rock, Aussie style?

Any way you hear them, The Seabellies from down under give us great tunes with fun flair – niblets of heavenly wonder.

We thought we’d offer a sneak listen – a teaser, as it were – as we eagerly await our finished video of their live recording at Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles.

Drain the Lake opens with oceanic synth sounds, conjuring the vibe of a festive subaquatic seahorse festival, sparkly mermaids and all.

listen (option/click to download):

Drain the Lake

Keep your ears and eyes peeled for more. Their songs run the gamut from ambrosial, like Drain the Lake, to super rockin’, like Prairie.

More Seabellies Photos

Seabellies Myspace

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