This is how we do it…Recording Dumpster with Big Daddy at Chessvolt Studios

by Landry on December 1, 2008

Big Daddy Jeff Turmes was born with a baritone sax at the ready. It’s the low deep root of his soul. Living through music, he artfully channels a wide spectrum of human emotions and experience through any instrument available. He’s played all around the world, most recently touring with legendary gospel/r&b singer Mavis Staples. Big Dad’ll play any kind of sax you’d hand him, every stringed instrument imaginable, harmonica, you name it. He is credited with keys, horns, handclaps….and now dumpster.

Jeff Big Dad Turmes – Weeds Like Us, Dumpster Take 1 – Chessvolt Studios from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Big Dad and Pete go for authentic grumbling dumpster reverberation in the parking lot at Chessvolt Studios. Long cables all the way back to mission command control facilitated the act. Check out Jeff listening to the track on headphones and carefully playing the dumpster to accompany. Sick. The song is Weeds Like Us, soon to be out on Jeff Turmes’ newest full length album recorded at Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles.

Contemplative in character, there’s an unseen symphonic hurricane storming behind Jeff’s eyes. If you’re lucky, as I have been, you get a glimpse of its magnitude when he’s in the studio with his own project. Right now he’s finishing a full length record at Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles. Longtime friends and fellow heavy hitters in the blues/roots scene, Rick Holmstrom, Steve Hodges and Steve Mugalian joined in to help lay the foundation on his tunes. Turmes’ songwriting on the upcoming record is particularly full, leaning over into Americana like a Willow drunk to the tips of its leaves.

Here’s a video from his Myspace page. To me, it represents the immense beauty and spaciousness Jeff actively and humbly perceives in his environment.

bag in brooklyn

Jeff Turmes’ Myspace

We love this guy and can’t wait to stir up more shenanigans with him!

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