Fast Heart Mart, Live@Chessvolt Studios

by Landry on January 15, 2009

fast-heart-mart_09_luxury-wafersFrom Albuquerque, New Mexico hails Fast Heart Mart. ‘Fast Heart’ Martin masterminds the insanely cunning concoctions of the band, playing double necked guitar, harmonica and singing and playing like today’s incarnation of Woody Guthrie. Roblyn, his fair lady and accomplice, drums and offers harmonies plus a rare encyclopedic knowledge of, well, just about anything. Together, they travel the country in their vegfueled Volkswagon van, spreading righteousness with their music and taking in the natural life from all angles. They are accompanied here by their LA bassist, Wade.

A reflection of their philosophy put into action, Fast Heart Mart poses mirthfully raucous questions through their music – Why be hassled? Why’s this place so tangled? What’s real here?

Their ingeniously written songs grow welcoming arms through Fast Heart Mart’s unpretentious elegance. The simplicity of catchy, repetitive, harmonica-dashed tunes aligns with easy humor and comfortably embraces unsuspecting listeners while subtly suggesting subversiveness. Sweet!

To get a idea of their sound, imagine White Stripes, Woody Guthrie, and Violent Femmes, interjected with funky soul and occasional wafts of Ravi Shankar on a roll with a double necked guitar.

Fast Heart Mart may be best appreciated after a Hot Springs dip or some other equally shell-softening, hard intellect-relaxing activity.

In God Dog, Martin reveals a naked innocence while his quicktalk simultaneously borders on proselytizing on a streetcorner with a big book and a bullhorn. Here his double necked guitar thinks it’s a sitar, while simple stand up bass and snare drum finely compliment and highlight Martin’s childlike purity. “Walking with God and listening to the dog” conveys the essence of unquestioning immersion in high, worry-free beauty.

Good old Girlfriend lays out a hilarious, harmonica-enhanced true story. It’s dappled with erratic drums and Violent Femmes guitar lines and leads a double life as a system-bucking, taboo-busting parable.

Hey Love treks with surrender through the adventure of life on a constant camel, interspersed with little peaks of excitement delivered in cool cymbal splashes over enduring heartsick valleys.

Limbo is a counterculture poster child. “Put me on an island with nothing to do, with a pretty woman and my dog too…”, “…no cops, no laws, no work and no jobs, no one’s gonna drive me crazy…” The slide on Martin’s guitar brings a cheeky comical quality enhanced by a Stray Cats Strut riff.

Roblyn’s harmonies are particularly sweet on Sister’s Tiny Hands, a palpably saturated tale borrowed from their friends, The Handsome Family.

A to Z’s witty and amusing satire profoundly pokes fun at the predicament of our modern world and religion, depicting a cadillac-driving buddhist and yoda as the godhead.

Trustafarian is another case of rebelliously rowdy storytelling.

Fast Heart Mart – Sister’s Tiny Hands – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Fast Heart Mart – Hey Love – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the tracks (options/click to download):

God Dog

Good Old Girlfriend


A to Z


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