Premature Trackulation: Anton Barbeau and Allyson Seconds as Bag of Kittens, Say Your Name

by Landry on January 8, 2009

I’ve been listening to and singing this song over and over again the past few days. It’ll sink into your meninges and leave you invisibly altered.

Anton Barbeau and Allyson Seconds (pictured left with Allison the cellist) interweave their similarly lush voices to tell a simple yet profound story, snug like a default sweater, duet style. Who leads vocally is almost imperceptible, thus drawing the listener ever more deeply into the experience, perhaps familiar territory, of the song.

Say Your Name

is part of a collection we recorded live with Anton and Allyson in the small room at The Hangar in Sacramento. Their session was a zany blast (Say Your Name was by far the most somber piece), an impromptu bash and an informal send-off to Anton, who just after returned to his home base of Cambridge.

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