The Union Line, Live@Chessvolt Studios

by Landry on January 28, 2009

union-line_18_luxury-wafersThe sky was ablaze in the afterburn of The Union Line’s live session for Luxury Wafers.

Fiery with passion yet seductively earthy, the guys of The Union Line spend no time trying to be – or worrying about – what they are not. There’s a heap of humble cool, but no pretty boys here.

Although they’re young as a group, The Union Line has settled comfortably into a signature sound, tight and gritty. Perhaps their early confidence stems from friendships that have endured a decade in the OC. The Union Line is already attracting admirers and making instant hits on a nationwide circuit with their sweaty, full-bodied rock’n'roll. The band’s real knack seems to be group effort – they have a way of harnessing the specific talents and allure of each member as a collective to churn out well-coordinated compositions rich with harmonies and vibe. They write, play, live and work together and travel in style in a big brown party van (deserving of a stout name like Bertha), assembling to craft and spew their music while evading cops and wooing girls with whiskey and granola.

Tony’s the go-getter on drums. Smart, energetic, present and driven, he produced, recorded, mixed and mastered the first cd for The Union Line. He’s the guy who lined up their paid-for tour, vehicle included. And, of course, Tony’s the one we worked with to schedule The Union Line for Luxury Wafers. Capable and sprawling, he energetically directs the group while maintaining a boyish crudeness. Before settling into the session, Tony bantered hilariously about how he “…likes being slapped around, if you know what I mean, ” …it turns him on. And can he play with his pants off?! Refreshing. His drumming, unfailingly steady, furnishes a grounding force for the group which highlights the strengths of its members.

Johhny Keys is Tony’s housemate. In addition to well-placed strokes of the Nord, Johnny brings a certain flair to the band with his dark glasses and repertoire of British-accented humor slathered heartily with curse words.

Adam and Jordan are fraternal twins. Adam, the elder by a full 37 minutes, grooves deep on bass and embellishes select songs with a circus-sized drum. Jordan riffs trebly in a catchy range of tones on guitar and backs Dickie vocally.

Fronting The Union Line, lead singer Dickie exudes plaintiff, worn soul. He writes and wails words scrubby and sad. A natural, he pulled together lyrics for Wishing Well en route via the party van and refined in the studio only moments before this killer, one-take, live recording.

A laid-back bunch, easy to hang with, The Union Line’s eating the cake of indie rockstardom, having a blast as they sow their oats, imbibe their fermented grains and stamp their musical imprint on the digital and analog recordbooks.

The Union Line – Mama Don’t Care – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the Tracks (option/click to download):

Gold Mine


Rich Man’s Tune


Wishing Well

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