Track Of The Day: Wadsworth, Little Flower

by Landry on January 13, 2009

© Judith Quiñones, 2008The band’s named after Will Wadsworth, drummer and singer. But today’s Wadsworth track was written by synth player Greg, who sings and plays banjo on this one. Confused yet? I was. Now I’m hoping the record’s set straight.

Today’s track is an entertaining love song. Kind of an apology. It’s like dipping your toes into a hot pool, immersing fully and writhing around in it, then exiting wrapped in a towel of composure. You’ll see. Little Flower starts off sparse – just Greg singing plus some banjo. The song begins to incorporate smart harmonies, building into full band sound with the slight hint of Chicago influence. It rapidly evolves into an endearing, all-out bawling expose’, but then they pull themselves back together at the last minute for a sweet, tidy finish.

For more of their good tunes and video, check out Wadsworth Live@Chessvolt Luxury Wafers Session.

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