Anton Barbeau, Live@The Hangar in Sacramento

by Landry on February 11, 2009

anton-barbeau_17_luxury-wafersAffectionately known as Ant, Anton Barbeau, like the vibe that sprays out from his music, is kind, kooky and fun. His songs traipse along the edge of psychedelic shades of darker grey, claiming depth and layering, but not in a downer kind of way.

High energy, Ant’s live session at the Hangar brimmed with tremendous zest. It turned out to be a spontaneous going-away party of sorts. Anton and his gang (including Allyson Seconds contributing vocal harmonies) came in on the fly and played only days before he shipped from Northern Cali to Cambridge, where he now tucks in at night (unless he’s on the road, a place he’s likely to be found).

Although you can never quite be sure what to expect from the character Anton, he’s reliable for zany Ant-ics, a sturdy whiff of Beatles-influence and wack Monty Python-esque mania which asserts itself as clever twisting of unusual intellect, lyrically expressed.

A smooth vocal continuum packages Anton’s largesse, conjuring Neil Diamond at a carnival on mushrooms. With close friends and ice cream. His voice pulls at you like a thread hanging peskily off the edge of your garment – the one you delicately reach to pluck, the one that continues to give and give until your garment unravels completely. Endearing. Come to think of it, that may just be the gist of his music – what do you do when your pants have unwound and you’re left with piles of thread? Dance! Toss it all in the air and revel in the freedom of simplicity.

Anton Barbeau – You Can Move A Mountain – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the tracks (option/click to download):

You Can Move A Mountain

Leave It With Me, I’m Always Gentle

Ring Never Bell

The Banana Song

Anton Barbeau on Myspace

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