Sea of Bees, Live@The Hangar in Sacramento

by Landry on February 15, 2009

sea-of-bees_07_luxury-wafersJules from Sacramento is Sea of Bees, nothing short of a supernatural sensation.

I’m so excited about this these tracks. Jules’ sound is infectious and odd, and her high wispy register gives me the chills. We had the pleasure of recording her Live@The Hangar in Sacramento, where she’s been working with John Baccigaluppi.

A one girl phenomenon, Jules wields eerily uncommon gifts in the departments of songwriting and singing. Even though she’s new on the scene, she is striking. Her songs and her style come across as complete and developed. Powerful, each song is an invitation rather than a statement. Like a flint on my insides, Sea of Bees’ music sparks something that feels good within.

Pressed to compare, I’d say Sea of Bees most closely resembles Bjork in her implausible musical concoctions. Beth Gibbons/Portishead would come in a close second, but Gibbons seems to go more for the hauntingly weird, whereas Jules pierces the core of her astonishingly unparalleled artistry with unassuming force. After listening to Sea of Bees songs, I feel sunny and hungry for more.

We only recorded three tracks with Sea of Bees, and she’s still in the works with her debut album, so I feel like we’re super fortunate to hold the chalice containing a few soon-to-be legendary tracks.

Can’t wait to hear what else this amazing young woman comes out with!

Sea of Bees – Willis – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the tracks (option/click to download):


When Gnomes Applaud

Pale Skin

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