The Shivers, iTunes Live@Apple in Santa Monica

by Landry on February 22, 2009

NYC band The Shivers played a live set at the Apple Store in Santa Monica on the promenade last night for iTunes Live.

It turned out to be a pretty cool venue with seating and sound and plenty of folks interested in listening. For those who wandered in and discovered The Shivers for the first time (and for those of us who are already hooked on their Shivers sound) the evening was a real treat to spend quality time up close and personal with this enormously gifted couple who most likely won’t be so accessible in the near future.

Keep your eye out for their upcoming album, recorded and produced at the Luxury Wafers hub, Chessvolt Studios, in the lovely valley of Los Angeles.

The Shivers – iTunes Live at the Apple store in Santa Monica from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Read the Interview with The Shivers. Check out The Shivers Live Session at Luxury Wafers.

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