Track and Video Of The Day: The Shivers, Sweat

by Landry on February 17, 2009

Intense passion. That’s what The Shivers embody in spades. The kind of passion that makes people jump from high windows, commit gruesome crimes against each other…… or write amazing songs.

You can hear their inherent tension, Keith and Jo perilously riding a creative razor’s edge, Keith on the verge of bursting as blood drains from his heart through lyric directly into the recording of Sweat.

The video is an exciting glimpse into real life and music with The Shivers.

The Shivers – Sweat – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

For the full review, more audio tracks and videos, visit The Shivers live session for Luxury Wafers.

To get even more personal, read The Shivers Interview.

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