Track Of The Day In The Afterburn of St. Valentine’s: Olin & The Moon – Call Me Up

by Landry on February 18, 2009

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Luxury Wafers hearts Olin and The Moon.

Here’s Call Me Up, recorded live at Chessvolt Studios for Luxury Wafers.

A buddy of ours and music aficianado, Justin Gorman, saw Olin and The Moon live on cupid’s day at Echo Curio (a cool little joint on Sunset with reliably interesting indie lineups worth going out and donating $5 for) and had this to say

Drum pounding, steel guitar playing, banjo plucking, and a drinking-dancing crowd are what you get from an Olin and the Moon performance. Front man David LaBrel gives a raw and uncut portrayal of folk-rock music from standing on his amplifier rockin’ out to asking the crowd to raise their hands if they’re going to have sex on Valentine’s Day. The music and performance of Olin and the Moon has taken the country ‘folk’ out of Idaho and into the party scene of Los Angeles. Brothers David and Travis (lead guitarist) do a fabulous job vibing off each other musically and comically-captivating the audience with laughter as they harmonize their stories of back road love. In contrast, their newest material is pint grabbing and pub crawling rock n’ roll, with plenty of chants for the sober and inebriated. There’s nothing better than a band that mixes alcohol, music, and someone to ‘folk’ with, aye? The opening song had a flavor of Nirvana’s “Unplugged” performance. “Call Me Up” settled the crowd down for a bit until all the pent-up energy was released with their “Drinking Song,” inspiring people to hold up their drinks and chant along with the words and chorus. Folk music has a new name and image, so don’t bring your blankets and ottomans, you’re going to be howling at Olin and the Moon. You are not in Idaho anymore Toto.

Check out the original Olin & The Moon review with audio and video.

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