Track Of The Day: Renee and Jeremy, Free

by Landry on February 19, 2009

Take it down to a mellow groove with Renee and Jeremy’s 


Like drinking heated opiate-laced milk. Store this on your iPod for those moments when you wish you could be kicked back into the womb or suckling at a loving mother’s breast. Warm.

For the full review and audio mp3 downloads, visit Renee & Jeremy’s live Luxury Wafers Session.

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    Jaimielynn Lake February 20, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    Renee & Jeremy is the soundtrack to our lives. My husband and I sing the Powder Blue song to our twins every night before they go to bed. My husband is BobMarley-DonnyHathaway-TonyLucca-RayCharles-StevieWonder-esque, whereas I am CatStevens-GemmaHayes-SchuylerFisk-BethHart-BonnieRaitt-esque…we never wanted to give in to cheesy kids’ music, and we didn’t have to…Renee & Jeremy’s album, It’s a Big World, is perfect!

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