Two Sheds, Live@The Hangar in Sacramento

by Landry on February 9, 2009

two-sheds_12_luxury-wafersTwo Sheds is Caitlyn Gutenberger (killer songwriter, guitar player, quirky songbird, dragontamer) and John Gutenberger (vicious bass player, easygoing goodguy) plus a crew of other Sheds (Robert broke from engineering to play this session with them), depending on where and when. Fearlessly potent with a round, welcoming sound, Two Sheds embodies the quiet, spacious brilliance of Nick Drake and Elliot Smith, the smart, seductive intensity of Fiona Apple, the confident humor of Lucille Ball, and inviting vocal qualities akin to Suzanne Vega or Natalie Imbruglia.

Caitlyn’s signature, poetic nonwords emanate fluidly, decorating nearly every song.

Sonically juicy, Mama rides a bouncy beat with a cool break. You’ll want to drench yourself infatuatedly in John’s growling bass and Caitlyn’s beautiful croon “…oh yeah, yeah, oh my mama, ooh hoo, uh, la la la…”. As long as she keeps going, it wouldn’t matter what she’s saying. The fact that she has so much to say makes for excruciatingly enjoyable listening.

Perfect takes a swing over green, green grass under your favorite tall tree, holding onto long ropes while seated on a weathered plank, gently escorted by a friendly breeze and your person most dear.

Different View floats with hopeful langour closer to Elliot Smith territory.

It’s worth an effort to plunge beyond the already entrancing lull of You to explore the depths of well-crafted lyrics that almost secretly enhance the inherently plump song. ‘You’ tastes like a licorice twist of Fiona Apple entwined with Nick Drake.

To Be Alive rips my heart out every time. It addresses the predicament of humanity and the simultaneous fullness and complications of living. Beautifully, of course.

Undertow‘s recurring riff is infectious and magnetic. It cradles warmly while Caitlyn delivers strong yet tender magic vocally.

Two Sheds – Mama – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the tracks (option/click to download):

Different View


To Be Alive



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