Jay Shaner’s Cowboy Killers, Live@The Hangar in Sacramento

by Landry on March 21, 2009

cowboy-killers_15_luxury-wafers“Easy” repeatedly comes to mind when I scan for translation of my experience of the Cowboy Killers music to words.

Shaner leads Sacramento’s Cowboy Killers, creating a spacious, smooth, temperate landscape and pouring out vocals akin to Pete Yorn at times, heavy duty on the Josh Rouse vibe. The band steadily streams hypnotic, slightly jazzy, rock. Easy-going like the band members themselves, the Cowboy Killers’ tunes, regardless of subject matter, are palatable snacks that could be ‘good’ for you…..or not. But behind the take-it-or-leave-it, go-with-the-flow summation of the Cowboy Killers’ creations lies a sensitive writer…one who pens songs about love and pain, one who wants it all to be okay and who looks forward to the next sunrise. James on drums offers tender reliability and forward motion with which the band engages to propel their lazy, liquidy tunes, conveying the underlying feeling not only of laying about or floating in contentment somewhere, but also of actually being cool with where you are now while still going somewhere. A Cowboy Killers song is the musical equivalent of a road trip with good company.

Cowboy Killers – American Sky – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the tracks (option/click to download):

Color The Grey Skies

Sunday Afternoon

Hammer It Down


Old Familiar Ways


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