New Track from The Lava Children: The Green Word

by Landry on March 24, 2009

New from Tulsa’s The Lava Children, here’s a fascinating psychedelic journey in a tune,

The Green Word

coming out on their self-titled Mini-LP on Graveface May 26th.

The Lava Children tracklisting:
1. I am a Pony
2. Particles
3. Firefly
4. Troll
5. The Green Word

A couple of these tracks are on their Myspace. It’s kinda freaky that you can’t find a photo image of the real people anywhere, which leaves an ever-more-open field for your imagination to tromp and careen while soaking in the wild palette of sounds presented by The Lava Children. Their songs emit the same kind of edgy bordeline (dark vs. light) vibe as clowns or giant fairy tale characters. For optimal listening, settle back into a soft friendly space and have a good trip!

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