Those Darlins, Wild One

by Landry on March 25, 2009

No slouches in the frisk department, Those Darlins, the country-punk sweethearts from Murfreesboro, TN, are stirring up a storm of affection with their in-your-face, old-school country ballads charged with surprisingly high levels of testosterone. These 3 pretty things play hard-partying fun.

They’ve been all over the place lately – touring with Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) and stealing hearts at SXSW where they were pulled on stage by The Black Lips for a King Khan and the Shrines set.

An anthem for unapologetic, carefree independence, Wild One, from Those Darlins’ upcoming debut album (June 23rd on vinyl/ July 7th CD) promises a rollicking good time. The sound is magnetically wild sass: you might expect to find the Darlins sprawled on the floor of their hotel room riddled with cigarette stubs and empty whiskey bottles at the end of the night – and I’ll bet you’d have given anything to be there.

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