Voxhaul Broadcast, Live@Chessvolt Studios

by Landry on March 13, 2009

voxhaul-broadcast_18_luxury-wafersOutta the OC, Voxhaul Broadcast, flavored a whole lot like Cold War Kids and Kings of Leon, already moves with the poise of a well-embraced band, apparently settled comfortably in a working groove and enjoying their gig of life as successful rockers. Maybe they’ve had a look in a crystal ball. Let’s hope that forecast is accurate. The band’s general sound is psychedelic haze, heavy on sedative properties of dope or Robitussin, pavement inside your shoes when the wind’s gusting, or suspension in a vat of sticky warm molasses with your very special someone. I personally vote for the last of the three…an interesting dilemma that would take time to navigate. But I digress. Voxhaul Broadcast comes across wavy. Listening is satisfying at all levels of effort. From a nonchalant low-scale effort, the vibe is fuzzy with enough variation and effects to maintain the awareness of an interesting flow of appeasing music in the background. At a more engaged level, the song construction is far from lazy – each tune is spackled with hooks from great to small and doused with memorable, effective repetition. Lyrically, Voxhaul Broadcast’s songs call for an active stretch of the imagination: rather than feeding you the story, they ask you to make the story your own by connecting the dots and coloring in the background.

Voxhaul Broadcast’s lassez faire confidence goes a long way toward inviting listeners in for a spell. Seemingly prolific in writing, Voxhaul’s Davie comes up with new material so fast the band hasn’t had the time to affix name tags to the songs. We had three versions of Zowie when Voxhaul visited the studio for their live session, and one or more of the new songs was lyrically refined while the band was setting up their gear.

These guys are a big hit in our book. Fairly straight-forward, unpretentious indie musicians. The kind of guys you could dig hanging out with in a vat of molasses, some stinky living room with beers and pals, or at your own venue out by the walk on brown plaid thrift store furniture under a balmy city sunset.

The songs:

Hendrix flavored and heavy on the flowerchild sound, Fire and Sparks rocks out with a slinky echo of The Doors.

A terribly infectious guitar riff opens and threads the dreamlike storyline of Chain to Reason, dotted by adrenalin-invoking choruses.

Voxhaul’s repetition pays in Zowie 2, which treks through a burning, dessicated dreamscape, rehashing the story over and over until Davie goes insane – urgent and misunderstood. Like the story from a dream…”Woke up in the desert with a mouthful of dry sand……” Guitar simultaneously narrates the track like an aminated sign language interpreter in the same picture. The groove escalates until Voxhaul Broadcast sneakily lassoes in every last eardrum with their steady build. “Ooh la la la la la la…” will stick with you, hovering like a pair of frisky cherubs over either ear.

I Never Said That has a pop radio feel. It opens with bouncy, high guitars that continue through the quick paced song while the vocal lays low and suavely rough in appeal.

Loose Change wears like a favorite old jacket that’s come back around to style with a few modern updates – think CCR beneath a stormcloud, a little dark and edgy.

Check out all of the songs below and catch a glimpse of their rising star live in Silverlake sometime in April or May.

Voxhaul Broadcast – Chain To Reason – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Voxhaul Broadcast – Zowie – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the tracks (option/click to download):

Fire And Sparks

I Never Said That

Loose Change

The Echo

Zowie II

Zowie III

Voxhaul Broadcast Myspace

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