Ana Egge, Bully of New York and Farmer’s Daughter – Exclusive Downloads

by Landry on April 28, 2009

Two tracks, recorded Live@Chessvolt Studios for Luxury Wafers, from Ana Egge’s recent release, Road To My Love (Grace/Parkinsong,2009):

Farmer’s Daughter

Bully of New York

Ana Egge, exceedingly modest and of a gentle nature, commands her surroundings when she lets loose on the guitar she built at age 15. Her strong confidence and skill are notable and, coming from the tall, self-assured gal, exactly what you’d expect. But when Ana Egge begins to sing, nothing short of magic occurs. Her beauty sparkles softly, sweetly in the shimmering pools of her expertly crafted songs, often nudging involuntary tears. Classify her as you will: country-folk-pop-Americana. Just don’t miss her. Once you’ve heard even a sliver of her songs, you’ll understand how the net of her enchantment has spread all the way from Lucinda Williams and Shawn Colvin to Sinead O’Connor.

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