Converse Indie Contest Winners with Downloads

by Landry on April 13, 2009

C’mon, who hasn’t enjoyed a steady pair or ogled a fancy variety of Converse sneakers at one point in their lives? They’re the classic American fashion statement and kicker of choice among musicians and artists I know. I’ve got my filthy, worn-out red chucks on right now. (Hey Converse, send me some new chucks, size 6.5, please).

Anyway, in a marketing move, Converse partnered with a shoe store and ran a contest for undiscovered bands called Get Out of the Garage. They received over 5000 submissions (the horror), chose a winner they treated to a recording session and ended up with a 10-track compilation CD they’re giving away (with $75 purchase) at Journeys.

Here’s the winner: A pretty hard-edged, melodramatic powerpop track with amazing Queen-sounding vocals, On a Whim by Flying Machines.

My favorites from the collection:

Say It Out Loud from The Company Kang – infectiously fun hand-clapping electropop from a group of college-educated smarties with an interesting myspace page.

Goner by The Nothingheads – clever humor and intrigue with punk-surf flair on a track that should be a theme song for a Get Smart era sitcom. They’re playing their local public library in late May.

Kenny’s Big Adventure by Control Escape, self-dubbed stoner-punk that feels like home here in the LA alt-indie scene. Turns out this New York band was indeed seeded in LA by core members Ken and Peapod. Her backup vox light up the track.

Beside You by Junior Giant – ska-punk from Utah with innocent lyrics and a wonderfully unrefined prepubescent-sounding singer who might just lose his shit any minute. I’m bummed this track was apparently redone for the CD with a lyrical revamp, an attempt to reign in the raw beauty of the vocals and a gentle goodbye of a guitar riff transformed into a wack power-rocker guitar solo. Visit their Myspace page.

Everybody got new Converse sneaks and a bunch of cool schwag. Yay. It’s encouraging, too, to think of all the people in the world who make music. That’s just good.

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