Mika Miko, We Be XUXA, Download: I Got A Lot & On The Rise

by Landry on April 28, 2009

    For real? Yes, they will eat you up. Victor Fandgore (Jennifer Clavin), Jet Blanca (Jenna Thornhill), Michelle Diane Suarez, Jessica Clavin and now a boy, Seth Densham, make up LA-based punks Mika Miko (PostPresentMedium/KillRockStars).

    We’re stoked to have Mika Miko in the studio for a Luxury Wafers Live Session the day before the release of their new record, We Be XUXA (PPM,5/5/2009).

    Until then, here’s the treat of a couple of new, infectious dance-thrash, ‘pony funk’ tracks:

    I Got A Lot (New New New)

    On The Rise

    High speed party lit by vampire vocals, Mika Miko incites smashing rollicks. Though the songs on We Be XUXA drip with hardcore teen energy, they skip predictable themes of dark, nasty, or even rioutously system-bucking, instead accomplishing fresh adrenalin-releasing, screaming frenzies that make you feel like you’ve accomplished a satisfying sprint after listening.

    Surprisingly, the mellowest track on We Be XUXA bears the name Sex. It just goes on and on without much variation, like a hot summer day. Sex Jazz, however, throbs with funky bass, slices with dangerous guitar and slinks around, moody with saxaphone. Sub Pop Records released it as a 7″ single in late 2008. Keep On Calling cacaphonously clashes a potential sendup of Spice Girls, Wannabe. Perfect.

    Let’s hope Mika Miko keeps finding fuel for their berserk confections.

    Will someone please give these girls a turkey sandwich?

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