Premature Trackulation: The Traditionist, Driftwood Doll

by Landry on April 2, 2009

traditionist_13This 8-minute live track, repetitious yet far from tedious, is folk soaked to the bone with the ghost of Neil Young. Joey Barro (The Antiques) has become The Traditionist. He crows with fresh, reflective sadness, his voice strong and clear.

I have to admit, Barro’s clunky appelation, The Traditionist, originally appealed to me about like a heavy leather sofa, sparsely yet tastefully adorned with shiny gold brads and unmovable legs. As soon as I listened, though, my impression was altered. An easy fit, The Traditionist’ songs are elegant, authentic in character and genuinely, functionally welcoming.

Driftwood Doll sparks warm feelings of Uncle Tupelo. And while spaced-out keyboard effects trail the tune in tempered shoegazey fashion, rather than shooting out into the neverending cosmos, The Traditionist wraps up and says goodbye with a classy, self-referencing chord progression.

The Traditionist on Myspace.

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