The Felice Brothers, Yonder Is The Clock + 2 mp3 downloads

by Landry on April 25, 2009

Listen to the tracks (option/click to download):

Run Chicken Run

Penn Station

The Felice Brothers- Yonder Is The Clock (Team Love)
Release: April 7th 2009

By Benham Jones

Over the last three or four years, contemporary Americana has reemerged in a big way, two-steppin’ towards the mainstream with an edginess that hasn’t been tapped into since Uncle Tupelo played their last ragged notes somewhere in St. Louis circa 1993. Groups like O’ Death, The Avett Brothers and Murder By Death have had the pleasure of seeing a major trend finally catch-up to them, while a whole new school of Dust Bowl hipsters have popped up all over the country. The Felice Brothers quickly moved to the front of this pack, striking black gold on the strength of an endearingly loose live show and a smoking self-titled record in 2008. Released on Connor Oberst’s Team Love imprint, that record showcased an exciting blend … please click here to continue reading this juicy review.

Benham Jones currently lives in New York City with his four year old cat Stella. He considers himself a writer, a filmmaker and a musician, although he also considers himself none of those things.

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