Butch Norton & Peter Malick, Duets On The Spin-Dry Cycle – Peez and Beez Waltz [mp3]

by Landry on May 18, 2009

Zany duo, Butch Norton and Peter Malick, expresses rich appreciation for domestic appliances and the unstoppable inclination to make music and fun under any circumstance. On their upcoming release, Duets on the Spin-Dry Cycle,  Butch and Peter do what they do best – wax creatively, turning out spontaneous nuggets of juicy instrumental goodness.

:: Peez and Beez Waltz [mp3]

churns a cool yet hearty anthemic waltz, sandwiched by tasty intro and outro – appetizer and dessert to relish on either side of a meaty, gritty adventure.

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