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by Landry on May 28, 2009

Butterfly Boucher is back, wings unbound and flying fancy in LA with a new album, Scary Fragile, produced by David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Regina spektor), due out June 2nd, 2009. She’ll be playing bunches around LA all month, at Spaceland Monday, June 1st and at Hotel Cafe every Wednesday in June.

Butterfly’s story is interesting. Musical from a young age, she was raised on the road in the Australian Outback among six other sisters and free-spirited parents. Along the way, she became multi-instrumental. By 16, she was signed to a major, and, after a long series of events, in 2008 was finally released from her latest label, A&M. A little roadworn but happy to be indie, she’s back on the scene with a rekindled passion for making music, apparently what she was born for.

The single release from the new record,

Gun For A Tongue [mp3]

pops slinky, highlighting Boucher’s serious skill and talent. Her voice attracts like a substantive, sticky syrup that won’t be washed away versus the ubiquitous, cutely formed bubblegum bouncing vowels and ‘r’s swung around by so many of today’s female singers. The girl with a gun for a tongue is grown up now and happily on her own.

Scary Fragile reflectively shares personal stories of maturity and the process through lovely musical production via moderate popscapes guided by Boucher’s impeccable, cabernet voice. I Found Out opens the album, a close-to-punk, Beatle-y rejoice, which boldly affirms, “I found out, I can only be who I am, I can only do what I can, I won’t try to describe the relief.” Right on! For the Love of Love is a catchy finger snapper. Just One Tear drives forward, tightly wound and adorned with cool mechanical-sounding effects. The title song is a beautiful serenade with the compliment of pretty acoustic guitar. Bright Red leans to quirky, energetic fun. Keeper boasts a James Bond undertow. Keeping Warm reminds me of an ABBA tune, filled with harmonic choruses. To Feel Love burns with feeling. Boucher’s vocal performance here is tops, right up there with Annie Lennox. “All I need is a bitter song to make me better,goes the last song on the record, a bittersweet ending like raindrops hitting a tin roof on a bleak day. A Bitter Song is amazingly smooth and beautiful, the one I feel impelled to play again and again. It’s also a sign of good news for fans, indicating that Butterfly Boucher is far from finished. Nay, she’s got a lot to mull over, which will hopefully emerge in the form of more new songs on another new record.

Even the happy songs on Scary Fragile are anchored by a palpable wisdom of weighed-out priorities and values. Each of the tunes is terribly catchy and rife with hooks. The album as a whole, a commercial masterpiece, bops along as a delectable and memorable feast. Celebrate with the artist and grab one of the first copies of Scary Fragile at Butterfly’s CD release party at Hotel Cafe next week, Wednesday, June 3rd.

Luxury Wafers is stoked to have Butterfly Boucher on the schedule for a Live Session June 16th! So happy, in fact, that the youngest LW member will likely be missing a half-day of 3rd grade for the occasion.

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    Lmorland June 2, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    I love Butterfly Boucher and I’m so excited for this release! It is finally out today and I can’t wait to pick up a copy of it :)

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