Cage The Elephant, Tiny Little Robots mp3

by Landry on May 14, 2009

Tiny Little Robots [mp3]

Kentucky boys Cage the Elephant have been endearing European audiences with their no-frills old-school punk-funk-punk for some time. On Relentless overseas and Jive over here, they have a new self-titled record. Now Cage the Elephant is on a mission to stir up some love back home. From the looks of their recent Coachella video, lead singer Matt Shultz has no problem breaking the ice with the crowds. It seems a US embrace is a done-deal. Good thing, since Shultz holds a penchant for throwing himself onto his audiences, literally.

Untamed and completely unselfconscious, Shultz is a wildcard, making the band attractively unpredictable.

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