Death To Anders, Live@Chessvolt Studios

by Landry on May 7, 2009

Death to Anders during their live video session for Luxury Wafers, recorded at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles

Employing a tightly coordinated, generally sunny musical palette, at times akin to the big experimental guitar sound of Sonic Youth and influenced by indie heroes, Pavement, LA’s Death To Anders crafts fascinating, enjoyable aural portraits set off by Rob Danson and Nick Ceglio’s bizarre, distinctive vocals which wing off into the territory of Seussian adventure. Each of the 4 members of Death To Anders (Rob Danson, guitar and lead vocals; Nick Ceglio, guitar and vocals; Pete DiBiasio, bass and vox; John Broekel, drums) offers a strong, indispensable limb to the solid tree of rock that is this band.

Listening to Death To Anders’ metaphorical narrations, social commentaries and love sentiments, all rolled together into individual songs feels like immersion in a tender rock opera. These songs are pretty and it’s easy to become enveloped in their sing-along quality, only to be jolted now and then by pointed statements, such as Detective Surgery‘s “God was made by a group of guys, I don’t think they’re great, but…..” and “leave it to this cold and locked out, lazy nation…”.

Ann Marie exudes a sweet vibe. My favorite lines occur at the crescendo, energetically claiming, “You are…”

Electric Peak begins as a languid REM/The Police flavored swirl which breaks out briefly into a wildly exciting, metally groove (the electric peak), abruptly ending up in a glorious shoegaze wonderland.

Little Easel ironically pairs a light, upbeat alt-country sway in a tune chock full of intellectualisms, refraining: “History’s the villain of the world,” and “Love’s the only ruin in the world.”

Marigold bashes and writhes, a dark and angry scene over the loss of a self-destructive friend and more.

Death To Anders – Luxury Wafers Sessions – For The Headless from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the Exclusive Death To Anders tracks (option/click to download):

Ann Marie

Detective Surgery

Electric Peak

Little Easel


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