Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Links, Live@Chessvolt Studios

by Landry on May 27, 2009

links_08_luxury-wafersLos Angeles-based Links purveys super 70′s-soaked, old-school rock, flavored like today’s Kings of Leon minus the vocal squealing tendencies and familial ties.

Serious about their craft, the group is four well-rehearsed guys strong:
Robbie Arnett on
vocals and guitar; Eric Frank on lead guitar; Curtis Marrero on drums; and Robby Barnett on Rickenbacker bass.

Listen to Cold Water and then Sex on Fire to get an idea of their similar classic rock progressions. Different songs, certainly, and Cold Water is decades more laid back in tempo, but the style and the drive are kindred. The intro to Doubt blends luscious 70′s rock guitar sounds of Zeppelin, The Who and even ELO, with hoarse, southern fried vocals ala Lynard Skynard‘s Ronnie Van Zant under strain. Come to think of it, Robbie sounds a lot like an extreme and slightly theatrical version of Lynard Skynard fan, Black Crowes‘ Chris Robinson. Not the Only One sports a cross between Zeppelin and Blondie’s Barracuda with the added punch of fun vocal choruses. Talk Talk Talk is a natural for party anthem/soundtrack. A groovy bass riff anchors the awesomely energetic The Great Divide, a fierce song that goes back another decade yet to the 60′s with its great guitar lines, cool hi-hat and speedy drumming and group vocals. Perhaps my favorite Links song, The Great Divide demonstrates the potential and prowess of the group as a big orchestrated collaboration with the wild feeling of hazy chaotic frenzy. Tasty.

Links calls their music dirty. They do make a sweaty sound. Truth is, though, these boys are pretty darn clean cut and responsible. Lead singer Robbie Arnett dresses snappily, with fancy shoes and a nice watch, as I recall, and he speaks softly. At first glance, you’d likely envision him, cocktail in hand, at the club rather than spewing affected southern rock. Eric, the searing guitar guy, also swings neat appeal and proves equally adept at social networking and band promotion. These young men have a sensibility about them. Impressively prepared for their live Luxury Waferes session, they knew how to give a killer performance in one shot, straight through (truly the most elegant full-band session we’ve experienced to-date). Links’ serious commitment to the band produces well organized, tight tunes to jam out hard to. These guys know what they’re up to and they intend the specific impact of a hard-hitting party.

Links – Luxury Wafers Sessions – Wide Awake from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the Exclusive live recordings (option/click to download):

Cold Water


Not the Only One

Talk Talk Talk

The Great Divide

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