Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Say Hi, Live@Chessvolt Studios

by Landry on May 27, 2009

say-hi_09_luxury-wafersSeattle’s Say Hi (formerly known as Say Hi To Your Mom) is a monumental band of one creator (singer/songwriter/guitarist/computer operator Eric Elbogen) plus one drummer, who produce an epic sound that loosely yet intelligently fits the times today. Lyrically enrapturing and rolled up in an elegant musical rug, Say Hi’s songs are unpretentious and emotionally evocative. Listening feels like a sub- or superconscious activity – like a spa-soak in the fatness of the moment, a companion soundtrack to life as perfectly imperfect. Infectious and endearing, the live tracks we recorded and the album, oohs & aahs (Barsuk, 2009), are a must, like the coat you grab every time you walk out the door – the one you’re most comfortable in, the one you feel most yourself in. Through some sort of voodoo magic, Say Hi accomplishes spectacular in the unspectacular and earthshatteringly superlative in the mundane. The punch is elusive, but whatever’s happening is working. Well.

Elbogen has a reputation for charm and clever writing. In person, he’s extraordinarily easygoing and down-to-earth…and something about him totally reminds me of Jon Lovitz as a Tantrika. Anyway, he must regularly make a positive impression everywhere he goes because he’s just a good guy. Certainly seems to be the case. Originally from the valley in LA – not too far from our studio – EE is humble, creative, talented and very very smart.

Say Hi’s songs plushly express age-old themes, mostly depicting sexual longing and the intrinsic awkwardness therein. Perhaps the most well-known in this group is Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, in which a velvet groove meets uniquely descriptive lines such as, “she’s got lips like a sofa.” Surprisingly, Hallie and Henry‘s my favorite in the bunch. It’s a feel-good that flows with big open sound akin to Journey or The Breakfast Club theme song, only listenable, palatably intriguing and memorable (unlike the aforementioned comparisons). Thanks to Mac ‘robots,’ Maurine sports a heavy bassline countered by intimate, sad, ephemerally sung words aimed at the tune’s titlekeeper. Self-explanatory, November Was White, December Was Grey, grabs by ear and soul with a cozy refrain, “I feel better when the winter’s gone.” One,Two…One rocks hard, fast and breezy. “Just a lock of her hair and a jar of her breath,” starts Toil and Trouble, a spell-casting, dark-edged ditty dotted with spry guitar, all designed to make the girl love him.

Listen to the Exclusive Live tracks (option/click to download):

Hallie and Henry


November Was White, December Was Grey


Toil and Trouble

Say Hi – Luxury Wafers Sessions – Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Click Here to discover Say Hi’s discography.

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    Daniel Firewood May 31, 2009 at 8:57 am

    I downloaded the tracks a couple of days ago, and I Just got around to listening to them.
    A very cool sessions. Absolutely loved it.

    milli September 16, 2009 at 10:17 am

    ;) *

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