suckers, It Gets Your Body Movin’

by Landry on May 1, 2009

If you stayed up till the wee hours and you must rise for an early appointment and no coffee or cigarette’s going to take you anywhere near the space you need to be – or if you have ever felt like you were pounded on the head by a sack of bricks and even a sliver of sunlight is terrifyingly painful, then you can relate to this anthem by suckers,

It Gets Your Body Movin’

from their 4-song EP, Suckers (I Am Sound), a tiny but diverse sampler also featuring Easy Chairs, which alone makes the EP worth the purchase.

It Gets Your Body Movin works a lusciously imbued pallete of lethargic horns and chain-rattling cymbals that builds to the sound of a person whistling, loaded with reverb, followed by the crescendo, a hallelujah chorus, and pounding drums. It grows on you and after a few listens will become a daily must for morning inspiration or late-afternoon revival. Truly.

Like getting your head right with a wake-and-bake, morning meditation, or whatever it takes to accomplish the task. I’m hooked.

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