Viva Voce, Rose City (Barsuk/May 26th, 2009), Devotion mp3

by Landry on May 14, 2009

After a year away, building a studio, hanging around their home town of Portland and gigging with country rock band, Blue Giant, Viva Voce (Kevin and Anita Robinson) is back with two added members and Rose City (Barsuk, May 26th, 2009) a DIY goodie they pulled off entirely in one month’s time.

The result is a big sounding Cracker Jack box full of rock, searing and vibrant, loaded with surprise charms.

Die a Little rocks straight-ahead with a hint of B52s. Rose City bounces toward clean pop. Flora strolls dreamily through saucy terrain, led vocally by Anita doused in reverb. The song drifts into a dripping Dali-esque spaghetti western interlude followed by a sequence of steamy castanets set in a Southwest barroom. A stark piano finale shocks the tune into ending. Midnight Sun, Good as Gold and Red Letter Day share attributes of whiny, screechy guitars and effects. The Slow Fade opens atop a recyclying heap of broken glass. Sung by Kevin, it’s heavy and slow-moving while mysteriously remaining ephemeral, not taking itself too seriously overall. Octavio, the pre-released single, is a cool industrial duet. Tornado Alley come off as old school rock. The final track, Devotion, sums up the album – a duet with largesse, lovely vocals, and interesting effects.

We are stoked to have Viva Voce coming for a live Luxury Wafers Session in June!

Listen (option/click to download):

Devotion [mp3]

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