Benham Jones on the ground (barely) and reporting: Fear and Loathing at Bonaroo….pt.2

by Landry on June 12, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

11:00 am CDT

Keith woke me up this morning around 7 am. I really had no idea who he was at first. We met up last night at the airport after I realized how fucked I was re: the press check-in and he realized how fucked he was re: a ride to the festival. In a sweet bit of glad-hand, I introduced Keith to Jennifer, a newly tatt’ed Tennessee local with a white Cadillac Limousine that I had hooked up with via Craigslist the night before. Jennifer was very sweet but highly cracked; she had been making the same run between Nashville and Manchester since 5am and was cruising on about two hours of sleep… click here to continue reading…

Benham Jones currently lives in New York City with his four year old cat Stella. He considers himself a writer, a filmmaker and a musician, although he also considers himself none of those things. He is recently unemployed.

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