Benham Jones Reports from Bonnaroo, pt 3: New Dirty Projectors, Portugal. The Man, Alberta Cross, Gomez

by Landry on June 12, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

2:20 pm CDT

Press orientation got over around high noon, so I grabbed some water and headed back into the big bad body of the festival. I caught the last little bit of a stripped down acoustic set from Portugal. The Man over at the Sonic Village stage. Separated from their characteristic psychedelic wash, PTM has more of an Appalachia-vibe, but without the hyperstylized fetishism. The harmonies were tight but not so overwhelming to be cheesy. Unfortunate that I did not catch more of their set.

Alberta Cross was up next at the Sonic Village. These guys have a style too familiar to the times, like some kind of Chris Robinson rehash but without the unpredictable assholery. These guys had a sweet enough sound though. They closed with a gospel-esque number (what is gospel-esque? REALLY.) that did have real soul, but the set as a whole was underwhelming. A bright sound though, nicely packaged and good on a sunny afternoon.

SHIIIIIITTTT, out of time. I also caught some of Gomez (a once great band turned truly dull, but not without super strong live chops) and most of The Dirty Projectors who, so far, have ruled Bonnarroo. I’ll write more about those later but I must be off to meet up with Ms. Madi Diaz.

New Dirty Projectors, fresh from Bonaroo [m4a]

Stillness is the Move [mp3]Dirty Projectors

Portugal the Man Downloads Here. Would you believe they’re from Wasilla, Alaska. ?!?!

Note: I lost my USB for still photos so I’m probably going to have to try and borrow or buy one from someone later. The audio on that dirty projectors track is pretty rough; it starts way distorted but settles in much too soft. Maybe you and or Peter can just bump up the levels a little bit to give it a bit more clarity. Off to see Madi Diaz now and then Animal Collective. I should have brought someone to just take pictures I think. note for next time.

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