Fool’s Gold Album, Surprise Hotel (mp3) – World Sound Outta LA, Heavy on the Afrique

by Landry on June 23, 2009

This festive track, heavy on African pop, slides along with obvious influence by Ali Farke Toure. Listen further for the surprise: a Hebrew weave. Super fun for dance and celebration on steamy summer nights.

Surprise Hotel [mp3]Fool’s Gold

The LA group, comprised of well studied, culturally diverse music aficionados [special love, they say, for benga (Kenya-based), juju (rooted in Nigeria), and the Congolese genre called soukous (mother of kwassa kwassa)], will release their self-titled debut record September 29th on IAMSOUND.

Fool’s Gold lineup: Luke Top – Bass, Lead Vocal; Lewis Pesacov- Guitar; Big Search- Guitar, Vocal; Jimmy Vincent- Guitar; Garrett Ray – Drums; Amir Kenan- Keyboard, Percussion, Vocal; Mark Noseworthy- Sax, Percussion; Brad Caulkins- Sax, Percussion; Percussionists: Orpheo Mccord, Erica Garcia, Michael Tapper, Salvador Placencia.

The tracklist: 1. Surprise Hotel, 2. Nadine, 3. Ha Dvash, 4. The World Is All There Is, 5. Poseidon, 6. Yam Lo Moshech, 7. Night Dancing, 8. Momentary Shelter.

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