Hopewell visits LA and Luxury Wafers; Good Good Desperation, Island (mp3)

by Landry on June 9, 2009

Self-dubbed ‘psychedelic religious soul music’, Hopewell spews a Jane’s Addiction-y, drum pounding frenzy of input from all directions on

Island [mp3],

from their latest album, Good Good Desperation (Tee Pee, 2009), which comes in Orange Vinyl. Now that is groovy and better for the environment, too.

Some guy on Twitter criticized my use of this word, but the truth is, Luxury Wafers is super STOKED to have Hopewell in the studio tomorrow so we can temporarily spread ourselves out onto a multidimensional, extrasensory plane of experience with Hopewell’s rockin’ good vibe, crashing, dramatic, atonally reaching piano, chopping guitars, distant hollow vocals, wacky effects and ambient noise jams. Yum.

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