Levon Helm, Electric Dirt: Listen to the Whole Durn Thing Right Now

by Landry on June 25, 2009

After an already-long stretch of etching sunsoaked memories into the hearts and minds of generations of Band-loving fans, Levon Helm, with his signature Americana style, is at it again and again, this time with a new solo album (his second), Electric Dirt (June 30th, Dirt Farmer Music/Vanguard Records).

“Electric Dirt again finds Levon steeped in tradition in his connection to the land and those who live by it and at the same time goes deeper and fuller in painting a musical canvas by incorporating some gospel, blues and soul with a wide range of original compositions and eclectic cover songs.”

See for yourself – the man, born to make music, is amazing as ever (even after enduring and winning the battle with throat cancer in the 90′s).

You can Stream the Entire Album HERE.

Highlights in my estimation:  Levon Helm covering The Grateful Dead’s Tennessee Jed right outta the gate (1). This won me over immediately. Kingfish (7), a Randy Newman Nawlins tune. Covering Muddy’s You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had (8). Nice mandolin, pretty loose instrumentally with bright, raunchy vocals. And the final track (11) – foot stomping, hand clapping, celebratory gospel food for the soul.

Electric Dirt Track Listing:

1) Tennessee Jed (Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter) 5:58
2) Move Along Train (Roebuck Staples) 3:22
3) Growing Trade (Levon Helm, Larry Campbell) 4.22
4) Golden Bird (Happy Traum) 5:11
5) Stuff You Gotta Watch (Muddy Waters) 3:38
6) White Dove (Carter Stanley) 3:29
7) Kingfish (Randy Newman) 4:24
8) You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had (Muddy Waters) 4:01
9) When I Go Away (Larry Campbell) 4:3210) Heaven’s Pearls (Anthony Leone, Byron Isaacs, Fiona McBain, Amy Helm, Glenn Patscha) 4:09
11) I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel To Be Free (Richard Carroll Lamp, Willy E. Taylor) 3:25

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    Byron L Jones June 30, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Thanks for the link. I been waiting to listen to it for ages!

    Sounds great!

    It has a groove that I’d felt was missing from Dirt Farmer.
    And his vocals in my estimation are his best since his time with the original line-up of The Band.

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