Luxury Wafers Exclusive, Ana Egge Live @ Chessvolt Studios

by Landry on June 17, 2009

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On her last LA foray – in between mountain treks and woodland adventures with faerie sprites – Ana Egge visited Chessvolt Studios and shared a mellow, comfortably social session with us for Luxury Wafers, rolling out songs from her 2009 release, Road To My Love(Grace/Parkinsong).

Personal and haltingly bare, Egge’s tunes flow like water over sandstone – her voice vulnerable like a naked child – etching an easy impression for stumbling back into.

A tall, self-assured earth-goddess and killer songsmith, Egge rides exceedingly modest and of gentle nature, commanding her surroundings when she lets loose on the very guitar she built at age 15. Her strong confidence and skill congrue with expectation. Her wispy voice surpises.

Farmer’s Daughter, a tender-nudging, occasional tear-jerker, is admittedly my favorite. Bully of New York considerately recounts a hitched ride with a city park ranger and the conversation of confidences that ensued. The Sky Inside rocks with testy guitar and delicate yet assertive vocals, sprouting epiphaneal character midway ala The Who’s Tommy. Quitting Early’s attitude is potent, super-dark chocolate – the kind you’d pay top dollar for at Whole Foods, the kind that leaves a strong – not sweet – residue. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot gets downright righteous, a nice final tune here, with Egge going nuts on dobro and wailing away.

Ana Egge’s skill and flexibility as singer/songwriter/guitarist have earned her admiration by Lucinda Williams, Shawn Colvin and Sinead O’Connor.

Listen to the Exclusive Live Luxury Wafers tracks (option/click to download):

Farmer’s Daughter [mp3]

Bully of New York [mp3]

The Sky Inside [mp3]

Quitting Early [mp3]

Swing Low Sweet Chariot [mp3]

Ana Egge’s in LA, playing Hotel Cafe TONIGHT! Also, catch her for a month of Tuesdays in July at the Living Room in NYC. Stream all 13 songs from Road to my Love HERE.

Buy Road To My Love at Amazon.

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