Night Control’s CD is called Death Control; Listen: Star 131(mp3)

by Landry on June 8, 2009

Night Control from Rosemead, California, has a CD recording out on Kill Shaman called Death Control.

Although Christopher Curtis Smith’s face is obscured in his photo (see left) and there’s plenty in-your-face mention of darkness, death and control, the tracks I’ve listened to so far, including Star 131 below, are anything but eerie or creepy.

Star 131 [mp3] breathes remarkable spaciousness and depth with the feeling of a porky drum kit in a huge room and fingers snapping or enormous raindrops falling in a far-off echo chamber. Smith’s vocals warmly do a Lennon thing, and while there’s a sideshow of sounds happening all at once, the simple melody, easily attachable rhythm and happy guitar line guide you as listener through the channel of experience that is, well, Star 131.

For a mere 9 pelts, you can buy and listen to all 19 tracks on Death Control and see for yourself what the buzz is about. Night Control is described as a home recording project. I love the way this track was recorded and mixed. Makes me wonder what kind of home recording studio and gear was used in the process.

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