Sonic Youth: The Eternal coming June 6th; Sacred Trickster [mp3]

by Landry on June 1, 2009

Sacred Trickster [mp3] i want you to levitate me. ohh, yes, Sonic Youth, thank you for making my hairs stand on end with your edge of cacaphony, your unfailing groove driven by solid identifiable drums, Kim’s leathery, icy vocals, the groove, the jangling guitars, the pounding, stupor-inducing grooooove, uh-huh, uh-huh. Sacred Trickster is a beautiful little too-short blast. Must … get… more.

The Eternal officially emerges June 6th (Matador), a heady (in every sense of the word) collection of 12 tunes full with crunchy, clanging political statements (Anti Orgasm, which yields a long and vicious endjam); a quirky tribute to late hipster, last of the beat-poets, Gregory Corso (Leaky Lifeboat); an emo, mello spaceout lullaby (Antenna); grungy well-behaved verse (What We Know); floating jagged darkness pierced with shivers (Calming the Snake); Lou Reed-esque cacaphonic velvet (Poison Arrow) – so so good; plush pantiless comedic storytelling (Malibu Gas Station); confetti jumbled squealing Warholy germs (Thunderclap for Bobby Pyn); devil honey (No Way); REM-ish sunblossoms (Walkin Blue); and epic womb-like immersion in a near-10 minute razor salute (Massage the History).

The vast palette of Sonic Youthisms splayed in The Eternal reveals colorful jems that have shined so brightly through SY’s music and continue to be reflected by a neverending flow of indie bands (favorites and those who want to be) today. Sonic Youth has left their indelible mark. The Eternal presents a thoughtfully arranged group of lively – if not at times death-obsessed – goodies arranged as exhilirating beginning, sumptuous middle and bittersweet yet gentle end. It would be smart to run out to buy the album as soon as it’s available, carefully remove whatever wrapping is involved, don a pair of high quality headphones and spend an hour soaking in your first round with the newest recorded spawns of the beastly iconic Sonic Youth.

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