Text Dispatches from Benham Jones in the trenches at Bonnaroo: ‘Wilco in top form…a kid just passed out next to me’

by Landry on June 14, 2009

In addition to a some hilarious, informative and interesting pieces, this is what we heard from Benham Jones, our Luxury Wafers Bonnaroo corresponsdent, via brief text messages yesterday (Saturday, Manchester time):

10:52 am: Alive. Walking to net access.

2:31 pm: Better fed better rested better time.

6:56 pm: Patterson Hood was just such a delight. Now, Wilco, Bruce and NIN all in a row.

7:56 pm: Wilco is in top form. Haven’t seen them rock this hard in years. A kid just passed out next to me.

8:26 pm: Smoke rings the size of convenience stores are getting sent into the air as the sun sets. I don’t know quite where they are coming from but I just watched one morph……for him*

10:31 pm: Badlands.

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