The Antlers on Frenchkiss: Hospice Re-release; Two (Mp3)

by Landry on June 11, 2009

Freshly signed to Frenchkiss Records and traveling with a rider which ensures them hot meals, healthy snacks and ample beer plus Jameson whiskey, The Antlers, led by Peter Silberman, are on the road. Traveling with Au Revoir Simone and Cotton Jones, they’re gushing shimmering, dark-underlined, liquid space ambrosia everywhere they go.

We’re excited for their next stop – Luxury Wafers – tomorrow morning!

Silberman’s accesible voice shines masculinely pretty, sprinkled with the slightest hint of tasteful vibratto here and there.

Two [mp3] evokes the epic sound and feeling of standing, emotionally surrendered, knee-deep in the midst of a rejuvenating rainfall. Sheets of heavy instrumentation assert themselves effectively as ominous thunder and bluster. The song ends in the fascinating whisper of a final journey….transition, navigating the unknown…letting go.

Pre-order Hospice (shipping August 18th), The Antlers’ unusual thematic record, which explores, from an observer’s perspective, the agony of a passage from life to death, slyly juxtaposing light and dark, beauty and horror, melodically appealing and lyrically disturbing. Fascinating, really. While listening to Hospice, I was antsy and uncomfortable with the subject matter. Rather than bumming, however, after listening I’m left with general feelings of triumph and upliftment. And a joyful certainty that Peter Silberman is a brilliant musical craftsman. Yes, I’m eager to hear what will comes next from The Antlers.

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