Tiny Vipers sucked me in, now I’m changed. Life on Earth (Subpop, 7/7/09): Dreamer and On This Side Mp3s

by Landry on June 10, 2009

Where did time disappear to all morning? I became immersed in the vortex of Tiny Vipers.

Jesy Fortino is Tiny Vipers, a stage name she created for herself years ago to “…create a sort of fiction for me to be a part of, rather than me taking myself apart in front of a bunch of strangers.”

Fortino’s intimate songs go beyond spacious to empty, gray, cold, isolated and beautifully heartbreaking. Tiny Vipers in action is haltingly mesmerizing. Not to be chomped on while multitasking and then tossed away for the next fleeting fancy, her emotionally complex pieces arrive through the marvelous ovoid megaphone of her bouyantly deep voice, accompanied by sparse yet deft acoustic guitar, offering mysterious windows into a fragile human soul with beautiful and hollow vision of experiences beyond. Her songs simultaneously convey the sadness of trauma and a tremendous natural beauty of untamed wilderness of the human heart and soul. Exploring Tiny Vipers has left me with an introspective hangover.

The tag singer-songwriter does not do Tiny Vipers justice. She’s a creature unlike any other. It would be counterproductive to try to capture or bottle her elusive essence. Just appreciate.

Tiny Vipers’ full length, Life on Earth, will be released 7/7/09 on SubPop.

Dreamer [mp3] (from the upcoming Life on Earth)

On This Side [mp3] (from Hands Across the Void)

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